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was seen driving off from his son and new daughter-in-law's post-wedding brunch in his gleaming black $200,000 Maserati MC20 - while David's own father, Ted, left with his new wife Hilary Meredith in a $25,000 Kia Forte taxi.
David was seen zooming off in his supercar, but only as far as the main ocean-front mansion across the road. 
His 74-year-old father waited patiently outside the front door for an after the lavish do at one of the properties on the Peltz family compound in Palm Beach, .
Wearing a white shirt and sporting a tattoo on his left arm, Ted was smiling and laughing alongside his lawyer wife, who was sporting a white top with narrow straps and fringed with bobbles. 
David Beckham's son Cruz was spotted beside the car chatting with dad before the soccer legend drove out of the front gate.
David Beckham is seen talking to his son Cruz from his MC20 Mazeratti
Dad, David, speaks with Cruz after Sunday's brunch was over
David Beckhams Dad, Ted and his wife Hilary were seen leaving the Peltz family compound in an Uber
Meanwhile, Ted's ex-wife Sandra, 72, left the final part of the $3.5million celebrations in more style than her former husband - in a blacked-out SUV.
Just hours earlier, in the throes of wedding celebrations, David is said to have 'shed a tear' while delivering an emotional speech at son Brooklyn's wedding and become 'choked up' as recalled the the day of Brooklyn's birth. 
'David's speech went on for about five minutes and he looked to shed a tear at one point.

He was talking about when Brooklyn was born and how he wanted to protect him,' and source told
'He said he was sleeping on the hospital floor, holding the door shut because he didn't want to let anyone get in. David got a lump in his throat and had to stop and take a breather to regain his composure, but it was a very sweet speech.'
He also took time to welcome his son's beautiful bride, Nicola Peltz to the family: 'We love you so much.

We are excited that you'll be part of the family,' David said. 
Brooklyn also made a short and sweet speech in which he managed to keep his emotions in check, but he was in tears as he saw  and held his emotions together.
However guests said he cried when he saw Nicola in her dress for the very first time as she walked down the aisle. 
When the party got underway, the newlyweds then had their first dance to Elvis's classic 'Only Fools Rush In', performed by South African artist Lloyiso. 
Marc Anthony then took over the DJ decks, spinning tunes to the likes of actors Rashida Jones and Kiernan Shipka, and the filmmakers Michael Bay and M Night Shyamalan, as well as Natalia Bryant, daughter of the Kobe Bryant.
The guests were invited by the couple to make a donation to the people of Ukraine through the agency Care. 
On their way: His former footballer father, 46, looked dapper in a white shirt while his fashion designer mother, 47, wore a black strapped top while framing her face with an oversized pair of sunglasses 
Family: Brooklyn's siblings stood by the gates of the spectacular estate and waved their family off as they sped off into the city
Victoria Beckham defied the balmy Florida weather in a long black dress and purse with thick gold chain strap 
Brooklyn's father David is pictured arriving at Sunday's brunch in Palm Beach, Florida, after celebrating his oldest son's wedding 
The British soccer star and fashion icon donned a pale suit and was accompanied by family members for Sunday's brunch
Hours earlier, David cried while giving a five minute heartfelt speech at the wedding reception, where he 'stopped to take a breather' and called the billion dollar heiress 'incredible' (pictured on Saturday)
Late on Sunday night,  shared the very first photo from his $3.5m (£2.69m) wedding to Instagram on Sunday.
The aspiring chef, 23, shared the snap which saw his bride, 27, wow in a stunning Valentino white dress adorned with an evil eye symbol, along with the caption: 'Mr.

& Mrs. Peltz Beckham ❤️.'
Nicola's dress included a message from her mother, former model Claudia Peltz, that the Valentino team stitched into the wedding gown using blue thread. Claudia wore custom Versace.
Her hair was styled in what <a style="font-weight: bold;" class="class" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank" website termed 'an ode to Claudia Schiffer in the '90s'. 
'I always thought I wanted my hair half up, half down, but we're going for long bangs with loose, natural hair,' she told the magazine. 
Adir Abergel, who styled her hair, said Brigitte Bardot's half ponytails also served as an inspiration. 
'It was all about keeping her hair beautiful, soft and smooth,' he said. 'Think luxe, polished texture, but with fullness and movement to it.' 
He also took her hair color lighter and brighter ahead of the big day. 
Chanel make-up artist Kate Lee told <a style="font-weight: bold;" class="class" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank" website was inspired by the bride's natural beauty. 
'We decided on a very fresh, natural look - barely-there but with a few interesting details that will pop under the veil,' she said. 
'The intention was to accentuate her natural features, while adding a few modern, not-so-traditional details.' 
The dress was the result of a year's worth of conversations with Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli's team; two trips to Rome; and two U.S. fittings. 
Valentino's head seamstresses traveled to Miami to ensure the dress was perfect on Saturday.  
What a pair! Brooklyn Beckham shared the very first photo from his $3.5m (£2.69m) wedding to Nicola Peltz to Instagram on Sunday, after they exchanged nuptials at her billionaire father Nelson's $103m (£79m) compound in Palm Beach, Florida the previous day
Happy: The aspiring chef, 23, shared the snap which saw his bride, 27, wow in a stunning Valentino white dress adorned with an evil eye symbol, along with the caption: 'Mr. & Mrs. Peltz Beckham ❤️'
Gorgeous: Nicola stunned in an incredible Valentino bridal gown as she posed for her wedding photos after marrying Brooklyn - exclusive pictures have revealed
'It was the ultimate couture experience,' said her stylist, Leslie Fremar, describing how they chose elements from various sketches, fabrics and embroideries.  
Fremar said it was the most beautiful dress she had ever seen, Vogue reported.
'The simplicity of it was magnificent,' said Fremar. 'We didn't have to overly detail the dress to accomplish the magnitude of it, so we ended up eliminating the embroidery.' 
The bride was walked down the aisle by her father Nelson to a string orchestra playing Songbird. 
Her new sister-in-law, 10-year-old Harper Beckham, was among the flower girls, and her bridesmaids wore gowns crafted by tailor Joel Diaz. 
Brooklyn wore a Dior suit, and as a gift to her new husband, Peltz sewed a bespoke label into his outfit.
He added a diamond lapel chain from Anita Ko - a gift from his new in-laws.
Ko, who was a guest at the wedding, told <a style="font-weight: bold;" class="class" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank" website wore it Friday night as an upscale wallet chain, and on the night of the wedding as a formal chain attached to the front of his evening jacket. 
'They were bezel set emerald-cut diamonds.' 
After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails adorned with white cherry blossoms as a jazz quartet played, Vogue reported.
A 12-piece live band then took over the entertainment for the black-tie dinner.
The dinner was served in a marquee by the seafront, filled with spectacular floral arrangements from HMR Designs.
The team used garden roses layered with peonies, white ranunculus, spray roses and hydrangea, Vogue said 
Proud newlywed Brooklyn Beckham was snapped with his hand on new wife Nicola Peltz's butt on Sunday, hours after their lavish $3.5m wedding in Palm Beach, Florida 
Brooklyn and Nicole wore matching shades as they headed for lunch on day two of their lavish wedding celebrations 
Nicola wore a pair of vertiginous Christian Louboutin platform heels for Sunday's brunch, which helped her stand shoulder-to-shoulder with her new husband 
On Sunday, Brooklyn was seen gently tapping his bride's bottom after the newlyweds arrived for a lavish brunch in the final part of their $4million three-day wedding extravaganza.
The newlyweds drove only a few hundred yards to the event on the Peltz family compound in Palm Beach, Florida, in what appeared to be a 1958 Jaguar XK150S.
Brooklyn's look in a cream shirt and khaki-green pants was super casual compared to the tuxedo the 23 year-old wore the previous night.
But actress Nicola kept up appearances in a stunning short and tight dress with what appeared to be thick gold edging around the rim. She rounded off the ensemble with a pair of white Louboutin shoes with thick high heels.
Tennis legend Venus Williams, 40, arrived for the brunch in a blue Range Rover driven by a blond friend.
She looked stunning in a pale blue dress with gold running along the hemline and finished off with a tan and white belt. There appeared to be ruffled white shorts or liner underneath.
The five-time Wimbledon singles champion had her hair pulled back tightly at the front and finished off her outfit with white high heel shoes.
Earlier, Nicola's financier father Nelson, 79, sauntered in after driving a golf cart over to the event. He too looked casual in white pants and blue sneakers without socks.
Despite the fact that this was a family and friends gathering, the use of cell phones was once again banned.
Dozens of special pouches to seal the mobiles from use were delivered just before guests arrived. The bags, made by Yondr, are electronically sealed while guests who hold them are in a designated phone-free space. When the guests are in a phone-allowed area, the bags unseal.   
The new Mr and Mrs Beckham headed for lunch in Palm Beach after arriving in a classic blue Jaguar convertible.
Brooklyn's famous parents David and Victoria Beckham were also seen driving to the event in the same $500,000 (£383,502) classic car. <a style="font-weight: bold;" href="/tvshowbiz/david_beckham/index.html" id="mol-9af2b000-b924-11ec-845c-6fa6fbbfa633" class="class"> </a>
The ex-soccer star, 46, is an investor of restoration company Lunaz, du lich (<A HREF=>official site</A>) which electrified and re-engineered the 1954 Jaguar XK140, having taken a 10 percent stake in June 2021.
He was pictured taking the vehicle out for a spin with Victoria on Sunday morning before handing it over to the newlyweds, who mimicked Meghan and Harry's reception arrival by driving off in the convertible to a lavish brunch.
A tired-looking Brooklyn had took a quick look back before heading inside with his bride 
Brooklyn beamed with pride as he and Nicola headed to lunch on Sunday after their lavish and star-studded wedding
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David Beckham could be seen among guests at Sunday's Palm Beach wedding party to celebrate his son Brooklyn's nuptials
Emerging: Newlyweds Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz were pictured for the first time since $3.5m wedding as they joined his parents David and Victoria for lavish Sunday brunch in a classic convertible in Palm Beach
Luxury: Lorenz said: 'In creating this beautiful, electrified Jaguar XK140, we are honoured to bridge the gap between David Beckham's professional life, where he is an investor in Lunaz and his family life'
 The InterMiami FC president requested for the car to be painted a light blue, however requested that his name for the unique colour would remain confidential.
It is the product of thousands of hours of work from the company's 120 strong team of craftspeople, designers and Electric Vehicle (EV) technicians and was built entirely in-house at the home of Lunaz in Silverstone, England. 
The sustainable trend sees Lunaz tear out engines which pollute our atmosphere and replace them with zero exhaust emissions batteries and electric motors. 
David Lorenz, Founder & CEO of Lunaz said: 'In creating this beautiful, electrified Jaguar XK140, we are honoured to bridge the gap between David Beckham's professional life, where he is an investor in Lunaz and his family life. 
'This remarkable car is the perfect gift to his son Brooklyn and daughter-in-law, Nicola on their wedding day.

In every respect, this extraordinary electric classic car by Lunaz symbolises a bright, positive future.' 
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His former footballer father, 46, looked dapper in a white shirt while his fashion designer mother, 47, wore a black strapped top while framing her face with an oversized pair of sunglasses.
Brooklyn's siblings stood by the gates of the spectacular estate and waved their family off as they sped off into the city.
Romeo, 19, stood out from the crowd in unmissable pink trousers and a white top while Cruz, 17, sported an oversized blue sweater and Harper, 10, a trendy brown dress.
Hours prior, Cruz couldn't help but let out a gigantic yawn on the morning after brother Brooklyn's flashy Palm Beach nuptials. 
The teenager gave a helping hand as he carried a cardboard box along with a heavy-looking bag while chatting with a pal after a long night of celebrations. 
Cute: The aspiring chef, 23, cut a relaxed cream sweater while his wife, 27, tied her blonde locks into a ponytail with a white ribbon
Congrats: It comes just one day after getting hitched at her father Nelson's $103m Florida compound

As exclusively predicted by MailOnline, the couple wed under a flower-garlanded chuppah in traditional Jewish ceremony in honour of Nicola's Jewish heritage (pictured after they got engaged)
It follows reports that <a style="font-weight: bold;" href="/tvshowbiz/brooklyn-beckham/index.html" id="mol-b8a855d0-b8f9-11ec-af00-4d00f4f2a851" class="class">Brooklyn</a> and <a style="font-weight: bold;" href="/tvshowbiz/nicola-peltz/index.html" id="mol-b8a855d1-b8f9-11ec-af00-4d00f4f2a851" class="class">Nicola </a>were 'very happy' and 'sneaking kisses' during at pre-wedding party on Friday according to sources. 
The couple tied the knot in a stunning early-evening ceremony on Saturday during their star-studded $3.5M wedding held in in Palm Beach, Florida.
<a style="font-weight: bold;" class="class" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank" website how the loved-up couple put on a seriously affectionate display before saying 'I do'.
Venus Williams is pictured at the Peltz family estate after a delicious brunch on Sunday afternoon
Harper Beckham is seen leaving with others in waiting SUVs. The 10-year-old dressed down for brunch
The wife of Miami nightlife guru David Grutman, Isabela, is pictured at the event
Miami nightlife guru David Grutman, 47, is seen arriving at the brunch.  The hospitality mogul, launched celebrity hotspots like Liv, Komodo, Swan and Story
Ted Beckham and wife Hilary Meredith were seeing wait for their Uber to pick them up from the Peltz Estate in Palm Beach
Actress Coco König, 26, and husband Peter König were both seen strolling through the grounds of the Palm Beach estate
Dozens of special pouches to seal cellphones from being used were delivered just before guests arrived. The bags, made by Yondr, are electronically sealed 
A cleaning crew were also spotted on sight at one point ready to begin 
An insider told the publication: 'Brooklyn and Nicola looked very happy and were walking around holding hands the whole night and sneaking kisses.'
The eye-witness also detailed how the happy couple wore matching white suits and were joined for the evening by a group of A-list pals, including Serena and Venus Williams, Marc Anthony and Jordana to name a few.    
The source also reports that the lavish event took place in an an elaborate 'guest house' with around 500 guests in attendance where food stations and a bar were featured.
The following day, the couple sealed their nuptials with a lingering six-second kiss in front of celebrity guests including Sporty Spice Mel C, Eva Longoria, and tennis legend Serena Williams.
Cruz Beckham and Grandma Sandra West are seen loading luggage into awaiting SUV's after the post-wedding brunch
Sleepy? Cruz couldn't help but let out a gigantic yawn on the morning after brother Brooklyn's flashy Palm Beach nuptials 
Outfit: He continued his ensemble with a pair of brown tartan trousers while accessorizing with a series of necklaces

Aerial photos capture the chic brunch setup at Peltz family mansion on day three of Brooklyn's three day wedding extravaganza
Extravaganza: Guests were being treated to a lavish spread in a huge marquee erected on the sprawling gardens out back of the stunning Palm Beach residence on the morning after the flashy oceanfront nuptials
Wow! The large structure was also the romantic setting for Friday evening's rehearsal dinner
The proceedings started at 6pm sharp when aspiring chef Brooklyn, 23, was joined by his 27-year-old bride for the nuptials in one of the massive tented structures set up at the Peltz $103million family estate.
He could be seen waiting on his own on a stage garlanded with flowers and plants for 15 minutes before actress Nicola arrived for the $4million extravaganza.
It appeared there were six groomsmen who joined him on his right and six maids of honor who placed themselves to his left.
The former photographer chose brothers Romeo and Cruz, 17, as his best men for his much-publicized marriage to the daughter of billionaire financier Nelson Peltz, 79.
As exclusively predicted by MailOnline, the couple wed under a flower-garlanded chuppah in traditional Jewish ceremony in honour of Nicola's Jewish heritage.
Bridal: Nicola was the picture of elegance in her stunning Valentino gown, which featured a stunning sweeping veil with lace embellishing
Congratulations! Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz have tied the knot (pictured during ceremony) in a stunning early-evening ceremony beside the ocean surrounded by celebrities including tennis legend Serena Williams
The flower girls, including Harper Beckham (pictured at center) are seen after the wedding ceremony
A married man: Brooklyn was seen posing with his groomsmen before they headed to the dance tent at his wedding
Brand new brother-in-law: Cruz Beckham, 17 (right), was seen drinking a Heineken as he walked to the dance tent with a pal
Brooklyn also has some Jewish heritage through his soccer legend father David, 46, whose maternal grandfather was Jewish.
And in keeping with tradition, Brooklyn smashed a glass wrapped in a napkin under his heel after he and Nicola were married by a rabbi.
The ceremony ended at 6.30pm, although Jewish weddings on a Saturday - the Sabbath - strictly speaking should not be conducted until the sun has gone down. Sundown is at around 8pm in Palm Beach.
Brooklyn and Nicola would have received the seven Jewish marriage blessings recited under the chuppah and over wine. The couple were seen taking sips.
Dad David had said he wanted to recite one of the blessings, which are traditionally read aloud in Hebrew and sometimes then translated to English.
The wedding took place in the first of the giant white tented structures filling the massive ocean front lawn, which was on the left looking at the Peltz mansion from the ocean.
After the ceremony, the guests moved to the centre tent, which had been dedicated to house a cocktail event.
A third marquee hosted the wedding banquet with food from celebrated Miami chef Thierry Isambert who used to cook for President Bill Clinton.
Nicola stunned in an incredible Valentino bridal gown as she posed for her wedding photos after marrying <a style="font-weight: bold;" href="/tvshowbiz/brooklyn-beckham/index.html" id="mol-5b63fe10-b8f9-11ec-af00-4d00f4f2a851" class="class">Brooklyn </a>- exclusive pictures have revealed.
<div class="art-ins mol-factbox tvshowbiz" data-version="2" id="mol-5b228840-b8f9-11ec-af00-4d00f4f2a851" website Beckham seen driving off $200,000 Maserati following brunch